This summer, my family went to our cabin and we decided to take a group photo. I was still getting used to my new camera and we balanced it on a ping pong table and a towel so we could get everyone in the photo. Needless to say, the photos didn’t turn out perfectly. When I learned how to retouch photos, I knew these had to be the first ones I fixed.

Here’s the before photo:


And here’s the after photo:


I cropped and straightened this photo. I also increased the sharpness and reduced the noise to make everything look a little more sharp and clear. As you can see, I adjusted the exposure and the levels for shadows and highlights, so the picture didn’t look so blown out. I also increased the saturation to make the colors pop (especially for the green hues, to really make those trees look nice).


I shot some photos of a skateboarder practicing some tricks on campus. It was a really dark and rainy day, and I couldn’t get my camera settings just right. I was hoping I could fix some of the problems in Adobe Camera Raw.


IMG_1542 before


IMG_1542 cropped

I cropped the photo to get rid of the excess sidewalk. I also raised the expose while bringing down the highlights and whites in the photo, so I could fix the  blown out sky and bring the dark skateboarder into the light. I also bumped up the vibrance, to add some color. I also increased the sharpening and the luminance. I noticed a lot of noise, even after I fiddled with the luminance, so I think I didn’t have my focus settings quite right. I definitely think this is an improved picture but I wish it was more crisp.


For the USU STARS! GEAR UP assignment, I was really inspired by a picture of a hot air balloon I saw.  I decided to keep the image pretty simple to focus on the image. I made sure to use a decorative font and a serif font to create contrast. I aligned the image with the title of the slide to make it visually appealing. In Photoshop, I had to blend and erase the blue sky around the hot air balloon to make it fit in with the slide. I used different layers for the text and the background. I made the arrow using the custom shape tool. The stock photo is from